Sbobet Dice

Sbobet dice game can be categorized as one of the easiest games in sbobet because the player does not need any skills and they just have to make a prediction.

Popular Sbobet Games; Online Dice Game

Sbobet game players can play many types of games. One of the popular and favorite games is dice. Dice is the game is one of the ancient games. This game has been played for so many years ago. Today, the game is brought to modern system and technology. Sbobet provides online dice game for all their players. This game is played with 3 dice that is put and shuffled inside a closed bowl.

Bets on Dice Game

There are several bets in Sbobet Asia dice game. They are;

  • Small and big bet. This bet is to guess the number of 3 dice with the category of big or small number. The small number is from ​​3 to 10 and 11 to 18 is a big number.
  • Odd-even bet. As the name suggests, this bet guesses the number of 3 dice with odd or even categories.
  • Guess the number of dice bet. A player will guess the last number of the third number of dice.
  • Multiple bets. On this bet, the player guesses the same 2 numbers.
  • 3 twins bet. This bet scores the numbers of the three dice. The profit the player will earn is 30 times of the bet he has set. So when he sets $ 30 and he wins, he will get $30 x 30 = $ 900.

Each player may choose what type of dice game bet they want. For those who have been experienced in playing sbobet dice game or have an accurate prediction, they prefer a bet with a bigger prize. This is because dice game offers a bigger chance to win a bigger amount of money for the winner.

Besides, many sbobet game players like the game because it is very simple and doesn’t need any skills.